Linda celebrates ten years with Clean Force

Linda celebrates ten years with Clean Force

In 1998 Linda was sadly involved in a car accident that left her with a brain injury and memory loss.

Linda, who likes to keep busy with activities such as painting, sewing and fishing; first came to Clean Force after extensive speech therapy and rehabilitation. Clean Force, a social enterprise that provides work for people with a disability through commercial cleaning services, gave Linda an opportunity to get back into the community.

Linda recently celebrated her ten-year work anniversary with Clean Force and has come a long way. Her interaction with colleagues and customers has helped improve her speech impediment and confidence, as well as letting her regain her independence.

“I love working. I am loyal to my customers and they are loyal to me; they look after me. I love talking to people in the offices where I clean. I have also met many other cleaners at Clean Force, we like to meet at head office and have cups of coffee and tea”.

One of the close and special bonds Linda has formed is with her supervisor Vickie. Linda checks in with Vickie weekly and her continued support has allowed Linda to open up with any challenges, fears and wins over the years.

“Linda is committed and loyal. She goes over and above on every job and has amazing attention to detail. She’s an independent cleaner and works her own timetable to balance her work with play. It’s been wonderful to see Linda flourish over the years, particularly with the major development in her speech. She is now a social butterfly!”, explained Vickie.

Linda’s love of cleaning and friendly nature has led to many customers retaining her services, with select businesses employing Linda for almost eight consecutive years. She’s developed a great rapport and positive relationships in every office she works in. Employment has enabled Linda to own her own vehicle, which she uses to get herself to and from her jobs with Clean Force supplying all the cleaning products.

Thanks to her supportive and loyal network at work, Linda is excited about what the future holds.

Jojo returns to work, more confident than ever

Jojo returns to work, more confident than ever

Jojo first approached WISE Employment Rosebud after being out of work for one year.

After being unemployed for that period of time, Jojo was starting to fear that she lacked the skill set and experience to find a job that she would truly enjoy.

“I was starting to feel a bit down and flat whilst I was out of work, which I guess could happen to anyone. After some time, I decided to get some extra help and that’s how I connected with WISE Employment,” explained Jojo.

Jojo was connected with Candidate Officer, Allison, who was there to guide and support her in finding a suitable role. Not long after connecting, Allison presented a potential job opportunity to Jojo, and that very same day she went for the interview.

“At first, I didn’t think I was prepared, I hadn’t been interviewed for over 20 years! I was so scared, but Allison was there to encourage me and gave me the confidence to go ahead with the interview,” said Jojo.

Clean Force, a cleaning organisation that employs people who suffer from a mental illness, a disability, those living in social housing or recently settled refugees, were looking for new employees. Jojo’s determination and courage really stood out and that’s what landed her the job.

“I went into the interview with a positive attitude and it ended up going really well! I’d been offered the job by the end of that day!”

Jojo’s manager, Frank, said he’s been very impressed with the work Jojo has been delivering.

“Never in 30 years have I received such positive feedback in regard to an employee. People regularly leave her love heart notes thanking her for her thorough work,” Frank explained.

Jojo went on to explain that working with Clean Force is wonderful and that the role has given her a new-found confidence.

“It’s fantastic to have a job that I actually enjoy. I think it’s important to love what you do and to wake up in the morning excited for work, which is exactly what I’ve found working at Clean Force.”

New skills and equipment for Clean Force, thanks to generous fundraising efforts by NEPA Level Crossing Removal team

POSTED ONEDIT "NEW SKILLS AND EQUIPMENT FOR CLEAN FORCE, THANKS TO GENEROUS FUNDRAISING EFFORTS BY NEPA LEVEL CROSSING REMOVAL TEAM" New skills and equipment for Clean Force, thanks to generous fundraising efforts by NEPA Level Crossing Removal team

Recently, the Clean Force team were the lucky recipients of fundraising efforts by a team of workers from the NEPA Level Crossing Removal Authority.  Undertaking the gruelling Coast to Coast race in New Zealand, the team raised over $10,000 to contribute to training and equipment purchase for Clean Force Victoria.

The training, run by Brotherhood of St Laurence, has allowed ten Clean Force employees to develop skills in maintaining and replacing hard floor finishes. Not only has this training provided valuable skills and development to the team members, but it also opens up the capacity of Clean Force to take on jobs with this specialist service and generate further employment opportunities for their employees. The money raised also contributed to the purchase of a two-speed floor scrubber/polisher and a commercial wet and dry vacuum allowing the team to put to use their newly developed skills!

Clean Force would like to say a huge thank you to Sam Donaldson (Laing O’Rourke), Leons Ansen and Mark Lawson (Fulton Hogan) and Gearoid Considine who completed the race and raised the funds, Stacey Palmer (NEPA), the City of Darebin for providing the space for practical training, Brotherhood of St Laurence for training, and Agar Cleaning Systems for their generous donation of cleaning chemicals and floor polish.