NDIS Supports

At Clean Force, we’re here to help you achieve your employment goals. If you’re considering a career in the cleaning industry, and have an NDIS plan, we can help get you started.

Our supported employees have access to a range of opportunities that provide meaningful employment and build valuable workplace relationships. If you’re an individual who experiences mental illness or intellectual disability and are already receiving funding for supports in employment in the core section of your NDIS plan, we’re here to help!


What is the difference between PBO, NDIS, or open employment at Clean Force?

Pay-by-Outcome (PBO) is a new employment trial by the government, designed to provide support for individuals with disability to secure award-wage jobs in supportive social enterprises. PBO is for people within the Disability Employment Services (DES) program, rather than those with NDIS funding.

The ultimate goal is for these individuals to transition to open employment opportunities in the future. Clean Force can provide a safe and supportive workplace until you are ready to transition into open employment.

Our NDIS supported employment program is designed to help people with intellectual or psychosocial disabilities. You would be placed in one of our supported crews during the evening shift and given either a 1:1 or a 1:3 level of support. A team leader is also available to work with you to ensure that you are able to maintain employment. In addition, all NDIS-supported employees meet with our Employment Support Officer regularly to catch up, troubleshoot issues, and maintain your workplace expectations. We are proud to share that some of our supported employees have even gone on to run their own sites with occasional 1:1 support, an amazing achievement.

Clean Force also offers open employment as an option for individuals who do not require frequent support, which differs from the NDIS and PBO programs. Open employment focuses on providing opportunities to vulnerable and disadvantaged communities beyond those with disabilities. Clean Force has successfully helped over 200 individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds gain employment.

What kind of shifts are available at Clean Force?

We understand the importance of work-life balance and the impact of disability – that’s why we offer both day and evening shifts, allowing our team to balance work and personal life commitments. We require our employees to work a minimum of 8 hours a week, giving you the chance to build your skills and contribute to your workplace.

Will I be working alone or in a team?

Our supported employees work in crews, fostering a sense of teamwork and friendship in the workplace. Many of these relationships continue outside of work hours. Our commitment to employee satisfaction is demonstrated by the amount of long term team members, some recently reaching 20 years! Some of our supported employees have gone on to work independently, however Clean Force is always there to help you achieve your workplace goals.

How is the pay rate determined at Clean Force?

We use the Supported Wage System and Supported Wage Assessments to accurately pay team members based on their capacity and speed of work in the workplace, in accordance with their award salary. This ensures that our team receive fair compensation for their hard work. The use of Supported Wage Assessments helps to minimise the stress and anxiety of working at the same pace as your colleagues if you’re unable to do so, whilst also being given the time needed to complete the tasks required.

What kind of support does Clean Force provide to its team members?

  • Flexible rostering to manage health and life activities
  • Transport to and from work sites
  • Daily and ongoing support with work tasks
  • Simple language and clear instructions
  • Support to maintain confidence and resolve work problems
  • Positive feedback to increase motivation
  • Assistance with administrative tasks
  • Occupational Health and Safety reminders
  • Identifying difficulties and adjusting job requirements
  • Support for managing individual needs (e.g. mental health)
  • On-site support from a Team Leader if incidents occur
  • Access to an Employee Support Officer to guide and support you through mental health or disability related challenges

Here’s what our team have to say about working at Clean Force

“I have multiple participants working with Clean Force and I always hear great feedback that they love working at Clean Force. Last year I referred one of the participants who was a very quiet person and did not have much confidence in day-to-day life. Since he started working at Clean Force, he gradually developed social skills. The support he received at Clean Force gave him confidence in his daily life. Clean Force provided structure and confidence, and helped him achieve his goal to be more independent.” – Support Coordinator

“Growing up, I dealt with homelessness and mental illness. I was very anxious and scared about working, but when my Support Coordinator sent me a role at Clean Force, I was interested. On my first day at Clean Force in the supported crew, I felt a little nervous, and it took me a while to get to know my crew, my role and everyone else, but I enjoyed it so much. I really love it. I work with amazing people at Clean Force, and I feel like I am part of the family.” – Supported Employee

“When I started at Clean Force, I was shy and worried. In the first six months, I was taught how to clean toilets, kitchens and vacuum. I picked it up quite easily. I really enjoy my job, and I enjoy working in the crew. I have worked with such amazing people in my time here. The bosses and the employees are fantastic. I have been working with Clean Force for 14 years. I hope I can stay here for another ten years.” – Supported Employee

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