Linda celebrates ten years with Clean Force

In 1998 Linda was sadly involved in a car accident that left her with a brain injury and memory loss.

Linda, who likes to keep busy with activities such as painting, sewing and fishing; first came to Clean Force after extensive speech therapy and rehabilitation. Clean Force, a social enterprise that provides work for people with a disability through commercial cleaning services, gave Linda an opportunity to get back into the community.

Linda recently celebrated her ten-year work anniversary with Clean Force and has come a long way. Her interaction with colleagues and customers has helped improve her speech impediment and confidence, as well as letting her regain her independence.

“I love working. I am loyal to my customers and they are loyal to me; they look after me. I love talking to people in the offices where I clean. I have also met many other cleaners at Clean Force, we like to meet at head office and have cups of coffee and tea”.

One of the close and special bonds Linda has formed is with her supervisor Vickie. Linda checks in with Vickie weekly and her continued support has allowed Linda to open up with any challenges, fears and wins over the years.

“Linda is committed and loyal. She goes over and above on every job and has amazing attention to detail. She’s an independent cleaner and works her own timetable to balance her work with play. It’s been wonderful to see Linda flourish over the years, particularly with the major development in her speech. She is now a social butterfly!”, explained Vickie.

Linda’s love of cleaning and friendly nature has led to many customers retaining her services, with select businesses employing Linda for almost eight consecutive years. She’s developed a great rapport and positive relationships in every office she works in. Employment has enabled Linda to own her own vehicle, which she uses to get herself to and from her jobs with Clean Force supplying all the cleaning products.

Thanks to her supportive and loyal network at work, Linda is excited about what the future holds.