New Clean Force social enterprise employment hub opens in Melbourne’s north

Stage set up with two Clean Force vans on either side at Clean Force Heidelberg deopt

Multi-award winning social enterprise, Clean Force Property Services, has announced the opening of a new depot in Heidelberg West, marked with a celebration from The Hon Bill Shorten MP, Minister for the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Minister for Government Services.  

The Hon Bill Shorten, MP with Jim Dinuccio cutting the ribbon at Clean Force Heidelberg's launch event

Clean Force, part of WISE Employment, provides quality commercial cleaning services and job opportunities for people from all walks of life. This includes those receiving NDIS Funding, Disability Support Pensions, and people living with mental health challenges. 

The new building was purchased in January this year, and involved Clean Force relocating from Preston after years of strong growth. 

WISE Social Enterprises as a whole employs 450 staff and generates $22 million in revenue, with the Heidelberg West depot currently employing approximately 300 people and generating $10.5 million in revenue. 

The goal is to employ another 50 people in the next 12 months at Heidelberg West, to service more than 200 different sites from this depot. 

WISE Employment CEO, Matthew Lambelle, says this is an exciting milestone for both WISE and Clean Force. 

WISE Employment CEO, Matthew Lambelle, giving a speech at Clean Force Heidelberg's launch event

“Clean Force has the power to change lives through employment by giving people a chance to overcome difficulties in finding a job. We are giving deserving people the opportunity to earn an income, be independent and experience the many benefits that come with sustainable employment, especially for mental health,” he says. 

“The new depot is a major milestone and allows us room to continue supporting and giving hope to Australians wanting to join the workforce.” 

Operating since 2001, Clean Force has supported people such as Amy who has been working with the company for a year and a half. 

Clean Force employee, Amy, giving a speech at Clean Force Heidelberg's launch event

“Being a part of the community with Clean Force shows how they really help in getting jobs for people with disabilities of all different types. It’s allowed me to meet great people and have them not only as workmates but more like family. My mental health is great and having a job with Clean Force has really changed my life. I’ve never been this happy,” she says. 

Clean Force generates a positive economic impact, with a 2020 report from Social Ventures Australia reporting that for every $1 invested in Clean Force, $6.50 is generated in social value. 

Stage set up with two Clean Force vans on either side at Clean Force Heidelberg deopt

The new Clean Force depot is now open at 10 Beatrice Ave, Heidelberg West, Victoria.

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Team Stories: Miguel

Team stories featuring graphics of animated people standing in a line behind bubbles blue

We’re pleased to share the impressive career journey of one of our valued team members, Miguel. Miguel joined our team in early 2019 as a Contract Supervisor and has gone from strength to strength over the past four years. With over 30 years of cleaning experience, Miguel brings an incredible skillset to our team.

Miguel is wearing a navy blue shirt and smiling at the camera

Miguel (photo supplied)

At the start of his journey with us, Miguel was new to the cleaning industry, having previously worked in construction. This transition brought on fresh challenges, however, his dedication and natural leadership skills allowed him to excel in his role. In just two years, he continued to grow, eventually leading to him becoming a 2IC (Second-in-command). When our previous operations manager moved on to new projects, Miguel stepped into the role of Client Service Manager.

In his new position, Miguel continued to develop, although at times he felt outside his comfort zone. He dedicated many long hours of on-the-job learning to ensure that operations ran smoothly for the team. Miguel also worked closely with the team leaders, mentoring them and helping them to upskill through the implementation of new systems he created.

Miguel is the true definition of a team player, believing that if one person succeeds, we all succeed. We are so proud to have Miguel on the team, and we can’t wait to see what he achieves next!  

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Team Stories: Alison

Team stories featuring graphics of animated people standing in a line behind bubbles blue

Hi, I’m Alison. I have been with WISE Employment and Clean Force for almost 6 years. I currently work on the Melbourne Airport Rail Infrastructure Project in Tullamarine. I have been working there since November 2022, when the project commenced. I love my job, and I love working for Clean Force.

I was born in Alice Springs during a time when the Australian Government were removing children from their Aboriginal families. My tribal affiliation is with the Luritja Tribe from the Northern Territory (Haarts Bluff). The Australian Welfare Department uplifted me from my home and sent me to Croker Island to a Methodist Mission. I was 5 years old.

After two years of being there, an Australian family adopted me and my early childhood memories are of me growing up in East Gippsland in a small place called Boisdale on a dairy farm. My culture and language were no longer a part of me.

While growing up I was never encouraged to be a youngster but rather I was told what to do, when to do it how, to do it and when to eat and sleep – I was 7yrs old. I grew up without having any confidence in myself and not believing that I was good enough, as I was always in the background which made me feel that I didn’t matter – I felt left out.

Light blue background with bubbles along bottom of image. Text says "From the first day I had my interview at Clean Force, I felt like I mattered."

At the age of 22 I travelled back to Alice Springs and reconnected with my birth mother and extended family. For me it was like stepping into a new world – one that I knew nothing about. This time spent with my birth family was when I was able to make connections with who I really was. I have a 75yr old sister still living in Alice Springs – she is the keeper of my history, and I will visit her soon to complete my own cultural story in the hope of being able to pass this on to my son.

From the first day I had my interview at Clean Force – I felt like I mattered. Vickie (my supervisor) has always been there to help with overcoming any challenges in my role from day one. She has listened to me and encouraged me when I did not think I could do things – she made me believe that I was able to. She has been patient, understanding of my varying situations (both personal and workwise), she has trusted me and she has always believed in me. Jim (the big boss) is a kind man and I think he has done a good job with all his supervisors because they are all good to me – Tony and Sophie have always been there to support me when I have needed it. My self-confidence since joining Clean Force has increased and I feel that I am more at ease when I talk with people – I do not shy away from conversations as I did in the past.

I work independently, which means that I can get the work done to Clean Force standards, which also align with my own. I have enjoyed meeting people across all sites that I have worked on and feel that I have formed good relationships with everyone that I have come in to contact with.

Although I never had an opportunity to be-immersed into my cultural upbringing – I know that the stories, knowledge, history and experience of who we are as a people is extremely important. The Aboriginal Elders are the only people that can impart all of this to the younger generation. They have an important role and need to be respected for who they are and for the wealth of information that they have and can bring to the forefront.

My advice to others who may have similar experiences to me, is to believe that there will always be someone there for you.