Team Stories: Eric

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WISE and Clean Force work together to support Eric in finding meaningful employment

Eric (photo supplied)

A few months ago, Matt Lewis from the Melbourne WISE NDIS team contacted Lilith, the Employment Support Officer at Clean Force, regarding one of his participants who was keen to get into work and had a particular interest in cleaning.

It’s very rare to find a young person who is eager to clean, so they brought Eric to the Clean Force office to meet Lilith and have his job interview.

Eric’s NDIS Support Coordinator assisted with any funding-related issues. Lilith ensured correct supports were in place for Eric. Matt and Lilith collaborated to ensure the correct documentation was completed, and Gabe provided the practical training and support with travelling to a new place independently.

All of his ducks were in a row and finally, Eric was able to begin working his first job on the 29th of May! Eric’s role will be as the main cleaner in the upstairs office at the Clean Force Head Office in Heidelberg. Welcome to the team Eric!